Our key date is 10th December 2008 the WDC Strategy Meeting when they will decide which Option goes forward. It is important that at that meeting the vote is similar to the Leamington Town Council unanimous vote to exclude all allotments and green belt from future development plans. To this end all our energies must be given, this is the only aim of this campaign, other side issues, although they may be of interest to us and certain groups, they must not detract or weaken our main message to Blast the Bulldozers off Leamington Allotments and Protect the Green Belt.

Possible Activities:

        An ongoing PR campaign with the local media, papers & radio gearing them up to the December date

        Writing to all the WDC councillors as individuals and as the B.L.A.S.T. committee asking them to support our campaign

        Producing from website graphics leaflets, car stickers, posters etc to keep cost to the minimum while communicating our theme to the local community.

        Utilising existing websites, Binswood and New Milverton to promote the new campaign and extending the petitions to cover it

        Producing a hard copy for signatures of non computer folk

        Organising 3 possible Wheelbarrow Walks for Sept/Dec council meetings and perhaps a walk across the Green Belt – Northumberland Road to Milverton

By recruiting family members there is a potential for 1200 people to join in the campaign over the next 4 months, using our campaign theme they can get as involved as they like – and we should encourage them so that the burden doesn’t fall on the few!