Warwick District Council Executive met on 10th June 2009 and discussed amongst other things the Planning Officers Report on Preferred Options on where housing growth should be. After the recent publication of potential sites around the district it was clear that the planners realised the importance of protecting the Green Belt and did NOT suggest that allotment and Green Belt in North Leamington should be used.    
Councillor Doody said this report is the strongest document they have to fight developers who previously set the agenda of where to build.
Councillor Hammon said it is the most important documents to play a part in our local history.
Councillor Gifford suggested that we should all welcome this document as a fair solution to any future planning and the public should be fully allowed to support it through its next stage.
BLAST committee member Geoff Southgate will be speaking at the WDC full Council Meeting next week on Tuesday, 16th June 2009 at 6.00 in Leamington Town Hall and will thank the Council for seeing sense while reminding them that BLAST will remain vigilant in protecting food producing land in North Leamington. This meeting is a public meeting which you are entitled to attend - so please do.