If Warwick District Council allowed planning permission in North Leamington, it isn’t just newts who will lose their habitat, it’s also some special allotments looked after by very special people.   

For example if an access road goes through Binswood Allotments from Borrowdale Drive fifteen active plots would be tarmac-ed including Rosemary’s prize winning plot and ‘Chicken’ George’s  plots that have been worked actively by him for over 50 years, his chickens lay the best eggs in Leamington.    If an access road is allowed from Fairways through Binswood into Milverton New allotments to reach the Green Belt, even more plots would be destroyed including plots actively worked by a Korean War Veteran who very appropriately served with the Duke of Wellington’s regiment, Ridgeway Special School where the plot has been cleared and prepared for use by children with special needs and various disabilities and Derek’s eco plot which is home to a colony of Great Crested Newts.   

These are amongst many other active plots worked regularly by lots of equally dedicated people who would be devastated to lose their hard work to the bulldozers.    Bear in mind that any green field site takes at least 3 years hard work to turn it into an allotment. Why should anyone be expected to hand over perfectly good allotment land in exchange for a green field site and no doubt smaller plots?   

District Councillor Bill Gifford (LibDem Milverton) quite rightly said ‘if roads are driven through them it would leave them vulnerable to vandalism and make them almost unviable’. This is already happening to our sister allotments at Old Milverton and Cliffe because they are sited on Old Milverton Road.

The allotment plots were given originally by the Heber Percys for the poor people of Leamington and the returning soldiers from the First World War.   They were not given to become access roads to executive homes. If Warwick District Council voted to change the Local Plan and allow planning permission on allotments and Green Belt in North Leamington land that has been farmed for a thousand years would become an estate of expensive houses, we don’t believe they would ever be ‘affordable’.