On Wednesday 4th March 2009 in Leamington Town Hall BLAST presented the Welly Walk Petition to the full Warwick District Council Meeting.    
We were given three minutes to present the petition and here is part of what was said:

"We therefore urge Warwick District Council to stick to its policy of protecting the Green Belt, as set out in the local plan, and say No to developing or building on Leamington Allotments or Green Belt.

Councillors, please remember these allotments have been around since the First World War, regularly dug and planted for nearly a hundred years.    During this time these plots have received loads of love and attention with the soil being continuously worked and enriched to a fine tilth that can produce the finest crops. A large road through our allotments ends its growing life/and kills it dead/for future generations/forever.

The road would drive through to the Green Belt – land that has grown food and been farmed since Saxon times. Land that could not be destroyed by the Danes, the Normans, Oliver Cromwell, not even by Adolf Hitler but this land could be destroyed by developers and their bulldozers building on it.

This Petition has been signed by nearly 500 supporters whose signatures were collected on the Welly Walk in November, around the allotments or on line through our website and is in addition to over 800 signatures presented to the Town Council after the Wheelbarrow Walk last summer."

After the presentation the Leader of the Council, Councillor Michael Doody proposed that as this was such a serious issue it should be taken up with the Executive for detailed discussion, Bill Gifford, Leader of the Liberals, accepted this although we had hoped that a vote and decision would have been made at this meeting. However at the end of the meeting many of the Councillors congratulated us on our campaign and promised their continued support in the future and we thank them on behalf of all our members, their families and our supporters.

We are now preparing a document for presentation to the Executive for their meeting at the end of March when we hope they will follow Royal Leamington Spa Town Council and oppose any development on Leamington Allotments or Green Belt in North Leamington.

A big 454 thank yous to everybody who supported and signed this latest petition. We will continue the fight and will call on your support again.