BLAST attended a Leamington Town Council meeting on Tuesday, 13th January discussing the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for which we were asked to give our comments and questions.  For those of you who haven't yet read the SPD (which is available from ) it basically covers future planning in the district for home building, the criteria being for every 10 - 100 houses planned green space and allotments would be provided and if space not available a cash sum would be given to the council by the developers.
Bill Gifford, leader of the Town Council, welcomed our comments and strongly supported us during our discussions.
The areas agreed were:
1.  A map would be produced of the district featuring all green spaces and allotments
2.  The council would be prepared to work with allotment societies to form committees to plan and run future new allotment space
3.  Any monies given to the council in lieu of space would be spent on buying future allotment space
4.  We said we were very happy as allotment people to take new allotments 'under our wing' and help them get started
None of this weakens our continual fight to keep, protect and maintain our existing allotments or allow the council off the hook on allotment provision for our existing waiting lists.   
An interesting figure to bear in mind if you remember one allotment should support 4 people with fresh fruit and veg, we have 27 societies in the district and that roughly works out at 10,000 people being fed from allotments so we are collectively very important and the councillors all recognise this.