We had a wildlife survey from Gillian McGivern on New Milverton and below are her thoughts on why allotments are so important:

'The thought behind the biodiversity survey was what do we have on the allotments which is of value and will be gone forever if they are bulldozed (hence I added the mature cultivated trees in with the wildlife). 

My other thought is that from talking to people on our allotments, cultivating an allotment means much more to people than just growing veg, although this in itself is very important.  Some of these aspects are fitness (cheaper than joining a gym and far more productive, and our older members seem to be a lot more active than people of a comparable age who don't have allotments), nurturing and observing wildlife, a sense of peace and probably escape for those of us who spend our working lives stuck behind a desk, a sense of achievement and self-sufficiency- eating what you have produced, a sense of community - sharing produce, plants and techniques. 

These are just some random thoughts and I am sure there are many more diverse views out there, but I thought it could be useful supporting evidence to collect from allotment members - ie. if the allotments go, all this goes as well and will have a real adverse impact on peoples' lives.'

Gillian McGivern

We've sent the survey to all Binswood members and New Milverton have sent to all their members but if you would like a copy please email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it